Get daily support embracing the lifestyle of an Angel Mystic!
Get Daily Support embracing the Lifestyle of an Angel Mystic!
31 Days of healing, sharing, shining, giving, and uniting in the embrace of Divine Love.
The Angel Healer Summit IS Heaven on Earth!
The Live Broadcasts are over, but you can still
get access to the full experience!
Discover how to know YOU are an Angel Mystic
Explore best daily practices to deepen your inner connection with angels, Spirt, Self
Gain insight into your Divine Plan as an Earth Angel with Angel Micah and Mother Mary
Receive Archangel Michael's powerful support releasing blocks
Expand into YOUR Angel Super Powers with the Seraphim
Awaken your healing gifts with Archangel Raphael
Activate YOUR Angel Light Body in daily life
Add to your Tool Box for connecting, releasing, loving, healing, shining giving
Replays are available!
Can you hear them?
Angels are calling to us.
Angels are calling us angel light workers -
Angels are calling us earth angels together.
Angels are calling us together to heal in love.
Angels are calling us together to shine brighter than we could ever, alone.
We are not meant to be separate and feel alone!

Come Home!
Come Home to the loving embrace of heavenly and earthly angels.
We need each other to have the courage to expand the light we carry in our bodies.
As we practice being the healthy, powerful, loving healers that we are,
we can made a greater impact in our families and communities.

The world needs us to be our Holy Selves,
our Angel Selves!
YOU are needed!
Your Angel Super Powers are needed!
Your gentle loving Presence is needed.
Your tender heart is comforted in the safety and loving support of your family of angels.
We are a divine family of earth angels.

Come HOME to feel the embrace of Divine Love.
Come Home to feel restored to Oneness with your Angel Self and kindred spirits.

Join us daily September 8 - October 8 to listen as your Divine Plan unfolds.
The Angels are waiting in the wings.
"We are Here!"
Featured Speakers
Robert Haag Coxon
Live Music Concert!
Sunny Dawn Johnston
Angels and the Afterlife
Dr. Lori Leyden
5 Stages of Embodied Grace
Jean Adrienne
Angelic Healing Support
Alistair Coackly

Love is the Answer

Rev. Declan Kavanaugh
The Angel Mystic Life!
Lisha Antiqua

Untangling trauma from your souls destiny
Dr. Cathleen O'Connor
Healing One, Healing All – A Memory of Oneness
Rev. Saxon Knight

Seraphim New Age of Angels

Rev. Jodi Cross

Angel Guidance For Life
Rev. Danute Davidoniene
Angel School in Lithuania
Rev. AkushiAngel

The Impeccable Guide
and more! Get access to EVERYTHING to inspire your Angel Mystic heart and lift you to the Heavens....
With Hosts
Rev. Jana Marie Toutolmin
A Catalyst for Clarity, Jana Marie is a vibrant and powerful women who serves on a global scale for women to align with their convictions - allowing freedom to create higher impact and influence in personal and professional life. She is an author, speaker, new thought leader, Frequency Formula expert, and an ordained inter-faith minister trained in our Angel Ministry.
Rev. Dr.
Kimberly Marooney

“Lives change” when Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney speaks. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been touched by Kimberly’s message on love through her books, bestselling angel cards, courses and media.
Rev. Maria Jade Piano
Maria is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, an intensive 4-year training for hands on healing. Additional healing modalities include Theta Healing, Organizational Constellations, and The Angel Ministry. Maria delivers unique Leadership and Business Development explorations for conscious earth angels.
This Summit is helping me to share the Love inside of me and not be afraid to share!! This Summit is Miraculous and all of the speakers and all who are on the calls have so much to offer.
I am truly feeling "The Glory of Love!"
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Rev. Nancy Sargent
The Angels Designed this Experience Just for YOU!
Feel supported as you embrace the mystic's lifestyle each day with prayer, meditation, and transformation through profound healing work with Celestial and Earth Angels.
  • Experience Angel Healing
  • Receive Divine Guidance
  • Connect with other earth angel healers
  • Feel at home, We are your "choir"!
30 Earth Angels
You will love meeting every-day earth angels who live a divinely guided life of love, peace, joy, and grace. Some of us have a BIG MISSION with huge communities! And some us are powerful prayer masters with a much quieter appearance. What is your mission and service? Join us to discover more about your angel guided purpose and lifestyle. 
During This Angel Healing Summit, You'll Discover...
Love is the Answer to Everything! Join us as we explore Divine Love from many perspectives. Best of all, have the experience of profound healing in divine love.
Angels are here to support you. Everyone has a Guardian Angel and a team of angels supporting you, guiding you, protecting you, comforting you. The Angels say, We Are Here! Always. Each day, get a new personal experience of what the angels feel like in your life!
Experience the Angel Healing personally! Angels heal us with gentleness and divine love. Each one of our speakers will guide you through a personal experience of Angel Healing. When you come back each day, another piece of the puzzle will fit for you. Your healing will unfold. From feeling safe and secure as you unwind trauma, to gently releasing blocks that have held you up for years!
Do you dream of leading an Angel Guided Life? All of our Earth Angel Speakers, and many of our community joining us, lead such a life. By hearing many examples, your heart will open to the path that your angels are calling you to. Become an Angel on Call!
Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney
When the Angels want a new energy on Earth, I am one of their Go-To Earth Angels. When I agree, everything needed pours into me from the Angels. I used to get stuck in "I don't know how to do that!" It took me 3 years to say yes to founding The Angel Ministry. The moment I said yes, the guidance, wisdom, and resources started flowing into me. You'll hear from some of our first Angel Ministers on what it felt like to be in this flow of Divine Love, Healing, Manifestation, and emPowerment.

You want this! Click the link to Get Started toward your Angel Guided Life!  And if you are already an Angel On Call, join us to share your wisdom and deepen your experience!

With love,